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Browse, savour and take home the best of unique Straddie artisanship at our regular Twilight Markets!

02 Twilight markets

What a great getaway for our corporate event! Chilled-out, friendly, connected, refreshed and focused: thanks LSC!

10 Business event

Our family had the most wonderful day here: can highly recommend this amazing location, sorry we had to leave!

09 Unsurpassed family experience

Good food, great company, with friendly, casual service, relaxed ambience and amazing views: just perfect!

08 Bonhomie

Monthly Fishing Club competitions from February to October each year - great fun for keen anglers of all ages!

07 Monthly fishing events

There's nothing like watching a magnificent sunset over mainland Australia from the LSC at the One Mile!

06 Magnificent sunsets

Come and visit our little piece of paradise on 'Straddie' - LSC membership means never having to say good-bye!

05 Little piece of paradise

A unique venue for your wedding, reception or special occasion, right on the waterfront of Moreton Bay!

04 Wedding venue

LSC membership gives you 24/7 access to Club facilities as well as a wide range of other Member-only benefits!

03 Membership

Fridays and Saturdays are RAFFLE NIGHTS with some great seafood, meat trays and prizes to be won!

01 Friday raffle

Here you will find quick links to the back issues of LSC eNews. From the June 2015 edition, the eNews has been available as both an online FlippingBook magazine and a 'traditional' download PDF.

Please note that all content of each eNews is Copyright © Little Ship Club and its contributors and advertisers, except where otherwise acknowledged, and should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission from the eNews editor or LSC Board member or delegate. To make an enquiry, please click here


2016.07 LSC eNews July16 150px  

July 2016

Online magazine

36pp PDF 7.0MB

2016.06 LSC eNews June16 150px

June 2016

Online magazine

20pp PDF 5.3MB

2016.05 LSC eNews May16 150px

May 2016

Online magazine

20pp PDF 6.1MB

2016.04 LSC eNews Apr16 150px

April 2016

Online magazine

20pp PDF 5.9MB

2016.03 LSC eNews Mar16 150px

March 2016

Online magazine

24pp PDF 6.2MB

2016.02 LSC eNews Feb16 150px

February 2016

Online magazine

24pp PDF 6.4MB



2015.12 LSC eNews Dec Jan 150px

December 2015 
/ January 2016

Online magazine

16pp PDF 6.1MB

2015.11 LSC eNews Nov15 150px

November 2015

Online magazine

16pp PDF 3.1MB

2015.10 LSC eNews Oct15 150px

October 2015

Online magazine

16pp PDF 3.1MB

2015.09 LSC min eNews 150px

September 2015

No online magazine

9pp PDF 6.0MB

2015.08 LSC eNews Aug15 150px

August 2015

Online magazine

16pp PDF 5.0MB

2015.07 LSC eNews Jul15 150px

July 2015

Online magazine

16pp PDF 3.8MB

2015.06 LSC eNews Jun15 150px

June 2015

Online magazine

16pp PDF 3.5MB

2015.05 LSC news May15 150px

May 2015

30pp PDF 2.5MB

2015.04 LSC news Apr15 150px

April 2015

26pp PDF 2.2MB

2015.03 LSC news Mar15 150px

March 2015

32pp PDF 2.7MB

2015.02 LSC news Feb15 150px

February 2015

34pp PDF 2.5MB

2015.01 LSC news Jan15 150px

January 2015

28pp PDF 2.1MB



  • Back issues will be added soon



Wednesday-Sunday 12.00 noon to 2.00pm
(Monday/Tuesday bar snacks 12.00 noon to 2.00pm)

Wednesday-Saturday 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Takeaway orders are also available at the bistro.
Closing times are subject to patronage.

Bookings for 10 or more people welcome: please call
07 3409 9022.

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Public Holiday
  • 10am-5pm
  • 10am-4pm
  • 10am-5pm
  • 10am-8pm
  • 10am-8pm
  • 10am-8pm
  • 10am-8pm
  • 10am-8pm
  • Lunch + snacks
  • Bar snacks
  • Bar snacks
  • Lunch + Dinner
  • Lunch + Dinner
  • Lunch + Dinner
  • Lunch + Dinner
  • Lunch + Dinner
  • Street address

  • 1 Yabby Street
    Dunwich QLD 4183
  • Postal address

  • PO Box 10
    Dunwich QLD 4183
  • Phone number

  • 07 3409 9022
  • Flag Officers 2015-16

  • Commodore Roger McDowall
  • Vice Commodore Chris Goodhew
  • Rear Commodore Matthew Tesch